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About Biserova-Gough house

About the Pirin village
Biserova-Gough house
Story for our start of restoration
Church St. Nikola
Dragon's House
One day with the songs and traditions of the village Pirin
Learning etiquette of traditional folklore
Musical entertainment with Lyubimka Bisserova
Pirin wedding
Folklor festival
Meeting party
Making amulets for children, wedding amulets or those against bad spirits
Grandmothers' day
Making home soap
Spinning wool or 'Predene'
Cutting grass with a scythe
What's happening in village Pirin in 2012

Singing workshops



Welcome to Pirin village and the Biserova-Gough House to learn authentic singing and dancing from the world famous Bisserov Sisters. The House is most suitable for hosting workshops and the mountain location of Pirin village creates an ideal setting in which to learn and relax. The House has the advantage of providing food and accommodation as well as an idyllic veranda for rehearsals. (1st May to 30th September)

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