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About Biserova-Gough house

About the Pirin village
Biserova-Gough house
Story for our start of restoration
Church St. Nikola
Dragon's House
One day with the songs and traditions of the village Pirin
Learning etiquette of traditional folklore
Musical entertainment with Lyubimka Bisserova
Pirin wedding
Folklor festival
Meeting party
Making amulets for children, wedding amulets or those against bad spirits
Grandmothers' day
Making home soap
Spinning wool or 'Predene'
Cutting grass with a scythe
What's happening in village Pirin in 2012



Biserova - Gough house
2823Village Pirin
Municipality Sandanski
Region Blagoevgrad

Tel ++359 (0)887 806 902, ++359 (0) 0899 12 20 10

Possibility for accommodation
Guest house 'Biserova-Gough'
Tent accommodation at St.Troitsa. (There is plenty of space to erect your own tent)

Option of return transport with a private car to village Pirin (Extra payment)
Bus transport from Sandanski town to Pirin village:
Monday - Sandanski town - 05.00, returns from Pirin to Sandanski - 06.15 also Sandanski to Pirin - 16.30, returns from Pirin to Sandanski - 18.00
Friday - Sandanski to Pirin - 16.30, returns from Pirin to Sandanski - 18.00
Sunday Sandanski to Pirin - 16.00, returns from Pirin to Sandanski - 18.00

Working languages: Bulgarian, English
Translator for German, French, Greek and Russian can be provided

Guest house 'Biserova-Gough'
Reservations should be made 3 days in advance
Reduce prices for weekends, groups and students. Under 5s are free.
Price per person per day:
Bed and breakfast.
Bed, breakfast and evening meal.
Full board

Free parking

Bisserova - Gough house opens from 1st May until 31st of October

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