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About Biserova-Gough house

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Biserova-Gough house
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Church St. Nikola
Dragon's House
One day with the songs and traditions of the village Pirin
Learning etiquette of traditional folklore
Musical entertainment with Lyubimka Bisserova
Pirin wedding
Folklor festival
Meeting party
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Grandmothers' day
Making home soap
Spinning wool or 'Predene'
Cutting grass with a scythe
What's happening in village Pirin in 2012

Biserova-Gough house



2-star Bisserova-Gough house:

Ground Floor:
The Pirin village bakery, which produced from 800 to 1200 loaves a day until 1990. The oven could bake up to 200 loaves at a time. The oven is still in working condition and is suitable for an impromptu barbeque!

First floor:
Kitchen, dining room and three bedrooms featuring:
1 - One triple room with double bed and single with shared en-suite
2 - One double room with shared en-suite
3 - One double room with en-suite

Second floor:
40 square metre veranda with three bedrooms featuring:
4 - One double room with double bed with en-suite
5 - One triple room with double bed and single - with shared en-suite
6 - One double room with king size bed - with shared en-suite

Note: Subject to availability, single en-suite arrangements can be made for those rooms which usually share the facilities.

The house has a fully-equipped kitchen and the refrigerator and freezer are available for the use of our guests. The dining room has a TV and is a comfortable place on those chilly evenings when the veranda may not be suitable.

On the veranda is a TV and seating for breakfast and dinner too; al fresco! There is enough space to accommodate family parties, student gatherings and other celebrations. With fine views of the mountains and Pirin village, it is the perfect place to relax and watch the world go by.

If required, we can prepare a variety of Bulgarian dishes as well as catering for vegetarians and vegans. For our picnic excursions, a packed lunch will be provided.

Biserova-Gough house can also organize cultural visits around Pirin and neighbouring villages to experience a traditional way of life and village architecture. We also arrange singing and dancing workshops and folk programs featuring village rituals. Trips to an Ethnographic museum are also available; or why not pamper yourself at a local spa water and massage centre.

Getting there:
Coach (Central Coach Station) - Sofia to Sandanski town every hour (170km)
Bus (Sandanski Bus Station) - Sandanski to Pirin on Mon, Fri & Sun (55km)
Biserova-Gough house can provide private transport from Sofia or Sandanski to Pirin

Guests are welcome from May - September

Guide Price:
25lv per person per day B&B

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