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Suggested excursions in the Pirin Mountains

Picnic at Santa Troitsa Monastery
A trip to Yavorova Hole
Day trip to the 'Dragon's Cave'
Trip to Biyala reka (White river)
Day trip to the Zlatolist village
Day trip to Mitrevo, Argirovo, Popovo lakes
Day trip by car and hiking to the mountain shelter 'Pirin' from Pirin village
Spend a night in the Pirin mountains
Day trip to Gotse Delchev Town
Day trip to Top “Oreleg” via Popovi Livadi
Day trip to the memorial of Yane Sandanski
Day trip - Hiking to shelter Kalugera
Day trip to Momini Skali
6 day hiking special in the Pirin Mountains
Day trip to the White Sea coast in Greece

Day trip to Momini Skali



Momini Skali is SE from Pirin village on the way to Gorno Sponchevo about 4km from the village at a place called 'Gagulia'. Here is a beautiful view, both peaceful and dramatic with sheer rock formations. Once the haunt of white eagles, the new road from Gorno Sponchevo to Gotse Delchev caused them to seek a more remote habitat.
It is said that a girl who was raped jumped from the high rocks as she could not bear to live with such shame. In time, this story was applied to many girls, hence the name 'Momini Skali' - Girls' Rocks.

Please Note: If you require transport or a guide for any of these excursions, these can be provided at an extra charge.

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