13-01-07 03:54:44 plaultent
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12-07-01 08:31:30 Yoana,Dimitar,Gergana and Anton Kozarevi
Dear Lyubimka, me and my family would like to thank you for your hospitality We enjoyed our trip. We are for very first time but not for the last!We hope , that we will visit your beauterful village Pirin again.We enjoyed every thing-the sisnging of the old ladies, your stories, the magnifisent food and the mysthic folkatmosphere which we love.For the most of the time I was just siting and looking around: at the uniquenature, at the old houses, at the people peoplewho ware passing by. The things , that realy amazed me, was the hospitality of the people - althog they are old, carry the spirit of young people - I noticed, that the people are very hard working but poor.But they are happy with there lives.The air was amaizing-when we come here was realy fresh and it feeled my langs, which we can't found in Sofia. The thing which amazing me also was the fact, that here people have lots of animals - goots( which I sow about two hundred of them!!!)Horses,donkeys. I'd like to mention, that the village has an amazing atmosphere. Everything here shows,that the folk spirit we all love is not dead. We wish wishing you many years of happy living in this wonderful village , health and love!

12-03-06 08:59:52 lyubimka Biserova
12/08/2010 Yael and James Thank you so very much Lyubimka for a most extraordinary experiance here in Pirin. We loved to be here in Pirin and Bulgaria and to experiance the festival.But last nith was wanderful and very exciting. Thank you so much

12-03-06 08:30:26 lyubimka Biserova
09/08/2010 Mnogo dobre! Wonderful setting in Pirin montain. Beauterful, and updayted accomodation,the best cuisine in Bulgaria and our most attendet host, Lyubimka made our holiday the most unforgetable ever. Blagodaria mnogo. Pete and Sue Somerville

12-03-06 08:09:01 Lyubimka Biserova
10.08.2010 The best day and evening of the wholl holiday.No wear else could we have such a wanderful expirience. Many, many thanks to everyone concerned. Fransess

12-02-21 04:26:22 Much love from Marina
"Many thanks Lyubimka (and your family) for the wonderful hospitality and great experience you have given us of life and culture in your village and area."

12-02-21 04:25:31 Much love, Jan
"I loved everything; the sounds of the goat bells, cockerels, the river and the birds of prey. You work so hard. I hope everything works out well and that one day we will return."

12-02-21 04:24:44 Lots of love, Paul & Mary
"This place is magical! I have been wanting to visit after hearing Lyubimka’s tales of Pirin! The people are so friendly and hospitable. The scenery amazing. The food is delicious! We have loved the singing, dancing and walking. It will, and you all will have a place in our hearts."

12-02-21 04:24:03 Terry
"We have been so lucky to find you. Thank you so much for your warmth and generosity."

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