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Rural & Eco tourism

Food and milking goats - predoi
Preparation of "Lojena Banitsa"
Preparation of Summer soup Sherbet
Preparation of Suldurme
Preparation of village beans in a clay pot
Preparation of wild Chanterelle mushrooms
Preparation of Langidi for lautsi
Preparation of village food Fried style
Preparation of soup Marrow & green beans
Preparation of Golomianik
Preparation of Platsinka
Preparation of bread Kulak style
Preparation and collecting St Johns Wort for tea


Eco-tourism in Pirin Village is extremely interesting for all generations. It gives a great opportunity for everyone to learn more about Bulgarias natural ecology and how their food and water resources have been preserved over the centuries in the Pirin mountains. Visitors can admire monasteries, churches, caves, natural spring waters, waterfalls and mountain rivers (where Trout can be caught).

Village and eco-tourism has a special appeal for our guests because our village food is prepared from entirely organic ingredients, including potatoes, beans, cheese and milk. You can learn to cook a village specialty, beans in a clay pot, also traditional marrow & green beans, filo pastry banitsa and special bread to welcome your own guests. You can try your hand at milking a goat or just watch the experts at their special place out of the village. On your return you can collect herbs for making tea and be guaranteed of a healthy, organic drink while you enjoy freshly made cheese.

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