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Rural & Eco tourism

Food and milking goats - predoi
Preparation of "Lojena Banitsa"
Preparation of Summer soup Sherbet
Preparation of Suldurme
Preparation of village beans in a clay pot
Preparation of wild Chanterelle mushrooms
Preparation of Langidi for lautsi
Preparation of village food Fried style
Preparation of soup Marrow & green beans
Preparation of Golomianik
Preparation of Platsinka
Preparation of bread Kulak style
Preparation and collecting St Johns Wort for tea

Preparation of soup Marrow & green beans


Though marrow and green bean soup is known as "Purleta with Kapichki", I don't believe you will understand the full meaning of "Purleta with Kapichki"! You would need to have lived long ago in Pirin and be expert in their dialect. Purleta is a courgette and Kapichki refers to a bean flower resembling a hat. Our mother prepared this dish during hot summer days - welcome to try it! By the way, when we were little children, we made toy donkeys with the marrows and called them 'purleta', hence the name of the dish.

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