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Food and milking goats - predoi
Preparation of "Lojena Banitsa"
Preparation of Summer soup “Sherbet”
Preparation of “Suldurme”
Preparation of village beans in a clay pot
Preparation of wild Chanterelle mushrooms
Preparation of “Langidi for lautsi”
Preparation of village food “Fried style”
Preparation of soup “Marrow & green beans”
Preparation of “Golomianik”
Preparation of “Platsinka”
Preparation of bread “Kulak style”
Preparation and collecting St John’s Wort for tea

Preparation of village beans in a clay pot


Traditionally, this bean soup is made in a terracotta pot or maybe a copper pan. This was a staple food in Pirin village. People would eat this especially during the winter. For me, it is an enduring memory of my grandmother preparing the soup in a copper pot on the stove. Bean soup is a very important food for people during an Easter fast. It is also a significant dish for a wedding ritual on the Friday evening, when the women also prepare a decorated flag for the wedding ceremony. Welcome to try this dish!

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