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Rural & Eco tourism

Food and milking goats - predoi
Preparation of "Lojena Banitsa"
Preparation of Summer soup Sherbet
Preparation of Suldurme
Preparation of village beans in a clay pot
Preparation of wild Chanterelle mushrooms
Preparation of Langidi for lautsi
Preparation of village food Fried style
Preparation of soup Marrow & green beans
Preparation of Golomianik
Preparation of Platsinka
Preparation of bread Kulak style
Preparation and collecting St Johns Wort for tea

Preparation of bread Kulak style


The Kulak is a ritual bread from Pirin village. A decoration is made on top of the bread depending on the particular celebration - Christmas, Easter or a wedding for example. For the wedding, two of these breads are used with a banitsa in between as a base to support a 'wedding tree' or trapeza which is on the table in front of the best man. The trapeza is decorated with greenery, flowers and whole apples. The Kulak and trapeza is a symbol of good wishes for the young couple and a wedding tradition still observed today.

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