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Rural & Eco tourism

Food and milking goats - predoi
Preparation of "Lojena Banitsa"
Preparation of Summer soup Sherbet
Preparation of Suldurme
Preparation of village beans in a clay pot
Preparation of wild Chanterelle mushrooms
Preparation of Langidi for lautsi
Preparation of village food Fried style
Preparation of soup Marrow & green beans
Preparation of Golomianik
Preparation of Platsinka
Preparation of bread Kulak style
Preparation and collecting St Johns Wort for tea

Preparation of Suldurme


A long time ago, 'suldurme' was the most anticipated food prepared for people attending the Predoi in the early Spring. When the lambs and kids were separated from their mothers, the sheep and goats went to the forest. The shepherd prepares a roasted lamb and with fresh cheese makes Suldurme. Nowadays, some people make their own fresh cheese and use it to prepare Suldurme, which is so tasty you must be careful not eat your own fingers!

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