Biserova – Gough house is open


Biserova – Gough house in Pirin village, SW Bulgaria, is easily reached by taking the European route E79 to Greece from the capital, Sofia to Sandanski, and then the Gotse Delchev turning soon after village Levunovo. The road passes through village Katunsi before reaching a left turn to Pirin village, clearly signed.

Pirin village is situated in the middle part of the Pirin Mountains, 650m above sea level. It is within the municipality of Sandanski, 55km away. The village is overlooked by Mount Oreleg (2099m). A good mountain road connects the village with shelters ‘Malina’, ‘Pirin’ and ‘Gorski Rai’ (19km). The village is only 2km from the main road to Gotse Delchev (32km) passing the Yane Sandanski memorial (7km) and Popovi Livadi (13km). South west of Pirin village is Melnik (25km along a rough road) passing the monastery of ‘Santa Troitsa’ (3.5km). From Santa Troitsa you can go down a steep track into the river valley (1.5km) where you will find Yavorova and Zmeiova holes.

From the village, high in the Pirin Mountains, mountain paths lead to a wealth of beautiful places and their unspoilt, natural beauty earned the Pirin National Park, World Heritage status in 1983.

Experience a time-honoured way of life still practiced in Pirin village. Spend a day with the village goats, milking them and following the techniques of cheese and butter making at home. You can also prepare and cook traditional village food ‘Pecheno agne’, ‘Suldurme’ and ‘Lojena banitsa’. Welcome to a simpler way of life!