Grandmothers day

Every year on 08th of January we celebrate Grandmothers’ day in an old style. In village Pirin, from time immemorial, grandmothers were very important, because until 1961, all children were born at home in the village with the grandmother acting as midwife.

Early in the morning, the young mother goes to the grandmother (husband’s mother) with a present and kettle of hot water to perform a ritual. The young mother (daughter-in-law) gently pours water on grandmother’s hands and she washes them with soap, then she give her a towel to dry her hands; the towel, soap and an apron are the gifts she gives to the grandmother. After this ritual, the young mother gives the grandmother permission to wear her (the grandmother) best traditional clothes and all day she wears them with pride and dances for the good health of a new born grand child and for the young mother too.

This celebration is the most attractive for everyone in the village, because the grandmothers go and collect each other, calling them with humorous songs and when all of them are gathered, they go to dance at the Village Square. It’s a day of much humor. If a man should come nearby, the grandmothers can catch him and take off his clothes, much to the entertainment of everyone. The grandmothers imitate musicians and other humorous characters.

You are very welcome to celebrate on Grandmothers Day in Pirin.