A Pirin wedding

A PIRIN WEDDING – fragments of a local wedding ritual, accompanied by ritual folk songs: ritual washing and “previsvane” (veiling) of the bride, cutting of “banitsa” (layered pastry with cheese and eggs), putting shoes on the bride’s feet by the groom, presenting with gifts and seeing off (blessing the newly-weds); son-in-law and bride.

Those who wish to wed in Pirin village observing the ancient tradition are welcome. The ritual is unique. The bride will have the opportunity to dress up in the original national costume and the groom in the folk style male outfit.

The newlyweds and their guests can put up in Pirin village and thereby have the chance to perform the respective local rites such as: raising the banner and setting the table for the wedding feast, veiling of the bride, shaving of the bridegroom, and to partake in special rituals performed by both bride and groom. Seeing off and welcoming the bride and groom. The wedding can take place in the church of Pirin village or at the Monastery of the Holy Trinity. Enjoy local food prepared for the wedding guests.

Price: As per agreement regarding the respective rituals in the bridegroom’s or bride’s house.
Location: Pirin village.